Google's Android Jelly Bean built with 7-inch tablets in mind

If you think that Google's recently announced 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet isn't going to fit in absolutely perfectly with the new version of Android, you must be out of your mind. It is being reported that the next iteration of Android, version 4.1, will be specially optimized for 7-inch tablets.

According to Liliputing, Google's new mobile OS, also known as Jelly Bean, will come in various flavors (no pun intended). There will be one version of Jelly Bean designed for smartphones, and another one for full-size iPad-like tablets. And, to throw even more fuel to the fire, there will also be a version optimized for 7-inch tablets.

That shouldn't come as too much of a surprise since the Nexus 7 tablet – the first tablet to earn Google's official seal of approval – will be a 7-inch device. Of course, this strategy is kind of a complete 180 from what had been Google's talking point – that it wanted to hit a bit reset button on the Android platform so there wouldn't be as much fragmentation. Now, Google will be building in fragmentation from the outset, with multiple versions of the software designed for specific devices.

[via Liliputing]