Google's 6 new device types list next must-haves for home entertainment

Google did some re-arranging and adding to its giant list of Google Assistant device types this week. This list is specifically for connections between devices and to Google Assistant, but the listing itself provides more than just info for aspiring creators. Google's latest subset of types, Smart Home Entertainment Devices, allow us a peek at what Google's analysts have seen for tomorrow's biggest consumers.

If you're looking for the next major trend in hardware sales, especially smart hardware sales, Google Assistant's big list of compatible device types is a good place to start. In the newest Smart Home Entertainment Devices list, which itself was introduced in April 2020, are the following:

Smart Home Entertainment Devices:

• Audio-video receiver

• Streaming box

• Streaming stick

• Soundbar

• Streaming soundbar

• Speaker

You may have heard of... most of these items before. As Google's job here is to keep track of all potential devices for Google Assistant compatibility, it shouldn't be a shock to see Google adding any of these devices if it hadn't already had them listed.

"These new device types and traits compliment the original set we released earlier this year, and help build out a more complete solution for smart home media and gaming devices," said Toni Klopfenstein, Google Developer Advocate.

Google's April 2020 SHED list:

• TV

• Set-top box

• Remote Control

There's a relatively new episode of VOICE Talks that you may want to watch to gain greater insight into the devices Google estimates will be the next major investment-worthy endevor for the company. This video series comes from Google and the folks that are in charge of Google Assistant, and this particular episode was streamed live on June 25, 2020.

To see a full list of smart home device types Google lists for Google Assistant, head over to Google Assistant Smart Home Device Types and take a gander. You'll find such items as an Air Conditioning Unit, an Air Cooler, and an Air Freshener (and an Air Purifier). You'll also see such oddities as an Awning, a Boiler, and a Hood. Don't forget your smart Mop, or your Pergola!