Google Working on Facial Recognition App [UPDATE: False!]

Google is busy at work on a mobile app that will use facial recognition technology to identify people and access their personal information using photos found on the web. So presumably, if you were to Google someone using the app, you would not only get their information, but also photos of them, even if they are not labeled.

Privacy concerns? Google is way ahead of you. Remember, this is the company with the motto, "Don't be evil". They will require an opt-in checkbox to participate in the service. And they are working to add layers of security and privacy to make sure that you will be found only if you want to be.

If you are not wholly reassured, I don't blame you.

Google has had this technology for some time, but has been delaying it to make sure it launches in the right way. They will not say when the product will be released, or even give a rough timeline. When it does, we will have to see if all of Google's precautions have paid off. This could be a cool feature, or it could be a disaster.

UPDATE: We've been updated by Google directly saying that the original CNN report of this story was entirely falsified by the reporter responsible for it. Check out our full report [here], including quote.

[via PopSci]