Google Windows Phone sync support extended until end of December

Google has announced that it's extending its Windows Phone sync support until December 31. Originally, Google was going to shut down support for the Exchange ActiveSync protocol on January 30, but that was eventually pushed to July 31, and now, the search giant is pushing the date back yet again until the end of the year.

This will give Microsoft more time to develop CardDAV and CalDAV support into the Windows Phone platform instead of relying on Google. Microsoft is in the process of sending out the necessary fix for Windows Phone 8, but not all devices have the update yet. The extended time will make sure that Microsoft has the update on most of its Windows Phone devices.

Both Microsoft and Google have been involved in an ongoing war between each other involving their ecosystems, and the ended support for CardDAV and CalDAV will put an end to some of that, although we have to say it's mighty generous of Google to extend the grace period even more to allow Microsoft more time to implement its fix.

The two companies also had a dispute over a Windows Phone YouTube app that got Google a little upset since it wasn't an official app from the search giant. However, the two have since kissed and made up and are now working on a YouTube app for Windows Phone together.

Ecosystem wars are nothing new, and they're happening constantly, with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and BlackBerry all keeping some of their flagship apps and services to their own platform, but in an effort to gain more users, these lines have been crossed a few times, such as releasing Google Maps on iOS, and Microsoft's Photosynth on iOS as well.

VIA: The Verge