Google Wifi detailed : daisy-chaining the internet

This morning Google revealed Google Wifi, a device that can be paired with others of its own kind to enhance home internet. This "disk" as they call it will work as a router, but wirelessly, aiming to enhance internet signal and allow the user greater control over their internet signal at home. This system will handle Wi-fi automatically, allowing channels to be picked to keep strongest signals moving to the user's device – and it has a smartphone app that'll allow granular control as well.

These tiny pucks will allow the user to manage Wi-fi access for users of all sorts – it has its own pause button for parents, too. "You don't have to shut down the router," says Google, "you just go to the app and hit pause."

One single Google Wifi device will cost $129 USD. If a user wishes to pick up multiple Google Wifi devices – which is likely, given its abilities – it'll cost $299 for a pack of three.

This device – and these devices in packs – will be available for pre-order starting in November 2016. They'll be available at the Google Store online in December of this year. No word yet on when they'll be putting the lot in department stores. Likely before the end of the year – we'll see!