Google Web Drive online storage service tipped in Picasa

Google could be developing a new online storage system, if a screenshot from the new version of Picasa for Mac is to be believed.  The image shows a new entry to the "Move to Collection" menu option, listing "Google Web Drive" among the usual array of folders and shortcuts. 

Given Picasa users' typically large photo libraries, and Google's growing storage offering to GMail users, it seems entirely possible that the company is planning to launch an online backup service.  Hacks and methods to use GMail as a storage system have been circulating almost since Google began offering email.

If true, the new Google Web Drive would go up against Microsoft's Live Mesh service, currently in beta, which offers synchronisation and remote access for multiple devices, with up to 5GB of capacity per user.  GMail currently gives email users over 7.2GB of space per account.

[via Gadgetell]