Google wants you to name the new Android

A Google Opinion Rewards poll has been launched to find the next name for the company's next Android dessert. That'll be the next version of the mobile operating system – the naming of which appears to be falling on the user – you. This method of finding the next name for Android was hinted at back in December of 2015 when Sundar Pichai was in India. He also mentioned that it might be named after an Indian dessert specifically – but we'll see.

Back in December of 2015, Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited Delhi University's Sri Ram College of Commerce. It was there that he said the following regarding the next version of Android:

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"Maybe what I'll do next time," said Pichai, "is when we're working on the next release of Android, Android N, maybe we'll do an online poll on what the name should be. And if all Indians vote, I think we can make it happen!"

Of course that could just as easily have been an off-the-cuff sort of suggestion as not, but here in the Spring of 2016, we're seeing just such a poll.

Word comes from user Shane who delivers images via Android Police. IT would seem that the poll was revealed to some Google Opinion Rewards users this week – but that not all users are able to see it.

There's an add-whatever-you-want area with the question "What tasty food comes to mind that starts with the letter 'N'", while the second question of the pair suggests that the following are already shortlisted:

• Napoleon

• Nut Brittle

• Nachos

• Nori

• Noodles

• Nougat

• Neapolitan Ice Cream

If you download Google Opinion Rewards now, you'll likely not see the poll (at least, not right away).

Now, it IS possible that a 3rd-party group worked with Google Opinion Polls to enact this poll. Opinion Polls IS open to 3rd parties as such. But without a reason to do this – especially since it costs cash for any person other than Google itself to run a poll – we're going to go ahead and assume it was Google itself.