Google Wallpapers app update expands curated image collection

This week the folks at Google responsible for developing their Wallpapers app have released a big update. Big for a wallpapers app, that is to say – but big nonetheless. This app update brings on a new collection of images from the likes of Google Earth, the social network Google+, and other similar sources. This is the same app available on Google Pixel smartphones, made ready for the vast majority of Android smartphones in the wild.

This app allows users to select a favorite category of wallpapers. If a category is chosen, the app will deliver a new wallpaper image to the smartphone each day. It's like free curation of size, shape, and content-appropriate images for one's own phone every single day for free. This newest update increases the base number of wallpapers in the app and removes the very few bugs remaining in the app – that we're aware of.

Some features in this app are only available for Android 7.0 Nougat or above. One of these features is the ability to set a different wallpaper for one's own lock screen and home screen at the same time. This system is available through some phones before Nougat depending on the manufacturer's implementation of software elements, but not through this app.

A couple of permissions are needed with this app – nothing that's of too much worry. For Storage, Google suggests that this permission is "Needed to allow you to use custom photos as wallpaper." The need for Photos / Media / Files permission is – again – for the same reason as Storage. Users that do not want to use custom photos as wallpapers, don't worry about it!

So long as the smartphone has Android version 4.1 or greater, this app should work just fine. The app can be downloaded for free through Google Play's app store. There, wallpapers will be delivered to the device at hand with great grace and size-friendly fortitude.