Google Wallet Payments Accepted At American Eagle, Aerie And 77Kids In Five Markets

Google Wallet has been around for a while now and we have talked about it and gone hands on with the app in the past. A major nationwide retailers has announced that it will be talking Google Wallet payments in its locations. The retailer is American Eagle Outfitters and some of the other stores under the same corporate umbrella.

The other stores that will be taking Google Wallet payments are Aerie and 77Kids. The new payment program is being rolled out to locations of these stores in five major markets in the US. The markets include LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and NYC. To introduce the new tech to the users in the areas at the Time Square store in NYC store associates and Google ambassadors will be there to take users on a "tapping spree."

The event will show the users how to use the service and give them loaner phones to use inside the store. The loaner phones will have a $10 gift card on them and users can find other special deals through the store. Google Wallet is also compatible with the AEO AEREWARDS$ loyalty program.