Google Wallet Objects to be the Backbone of the New NFC System, Partners Comment [Video]

Access to Google Wallet will be free to all businesses. That's what Google said on May 26th in New York. This system will be rolled out with a handful of partners including Citi Bank, who noted they were very proud to be the first big rollout partner for the NFC system for payments in the USA. Citi added that they'd be running at this program full tilt, making a real effort to make this program a reality for the entirety of the USA and around the world. MasterCard noted their contributions and items they're excited about to be Pay Pass, real-time communication between the consumer and the network, and the notion that once consumers experience tap-to-pay and see how convenient and nice it is, they never go back.

First Data Worldwide noted their excitement at the idea that we as a society have reached this point in commerce – it wasn't if, it was when. First Data processes 40 billion transactions a year, Ed their representative at the NYC Google event on May 26 noting that even if you've never heard of First Data Worldwide, you've more than likely used them before. Over 1,000 locations inside New York, Ed noted, have already been enabled by First Data to work with Nexus S's NFC chip.

Sprint's Farid Habib stepped on stage to note that the Nexus S 4G was being used on all of the demoes thus far today. This is the newest version of the Nexus S and the only one working on Sprint's 4G network.

Additional retail partners were shown via a pre-recorded video including American Eagle, Subway, Walgreens, The Container Store, Macy's and more. Have a look at that video here: