Google Wallet and Google Offers NFC Projects Announced by Google

In an event held in New York by Google and a handful of its partners in business, Google's Stephanie Tilenius announced Google Wallet, which will work with Google Offers, in an ecosystem offers system open to all of Google's partners to revolutionize commerce as we know it. This is a point-of-sale change for the ecosystem of shopping. "Your phone will be your wallet. Just tap, pay, and save."

Every retail brand, they've noted, has come online, where in 1998 70% of consumers wouldn't think of buying things online, 70% do it all the time now. Regardless of this, Google's found that 92% of shopping is still offline, therefor a new era of commerce is coming up. Where before we were using cards to swipe, now we're using cards to tap.

Almost a decade ago was the first point at which a chip was inserted in a device to enable electronic payment, now this NFC program will make that a bigtime reality. This system is ready to work around the world, Google just needs to make it official. Stick with us here on SlashGear as we continue to investigate through the future.

Also note, this is not the introduction of Google Offers, but the announcement that it will work with Google Wallet, a new NFC concept. Take a peek at a Google Offers teaser video from late April 2011 here: