Google vying for ‘White Space’ to broaden wireless broadband coverage

James Allan Brady - Mar 25, 2008

Google has reportedly written a letter to the FCC asking for permission to use the space between channels 2 and 51 on TV sets, which aren’t used by cable services, to offer up wireless broadband services. Such a move would offer up more coverage and maybe even faster and/or more reliable transfer speeds.

The only opposition comes from those that say use of the space between those channels might cause interference with the channels that are in use. However I’m sure Google could be reasonable and offer some sort of buffer space.

Also, there is no word whether Google is referring to using it for current WiFi technologies or whether they have some other means of passing around the wireless broadband love. We all know that LTE and WiMAX are coming so is Google already looking for a place to put its 4G network?

[via tweaktown]

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