Google Voice webapp bypasses iPhone and webOS app stores

If Google can't get Google Voice onto the iPhone via the App Store, then they're just going to go the long way instead and get in there via the browser.  The search giant has just announced a new, web-based version of Google Voice that allows users to access the VoIP service via their smartphone browser.  Coded with the magic of HTML5, the nippy app works with the iPhone and webOS devices like the Palm Pre, and supports calling, voicemail access and SMS.Video demo after the cut

The site is, and the only real limitation as far as we can tell from our first-look is that you can't access your iPhone contacts from the webapp.  Outgoing calls placed from the app will show up on Caller ID with your Google Voice number, too.

Of course, the downside is that you'll need a Google Voice account with which to log-in to the mobile version, and they're still a) limited to the US and b) reasonably rare.  You can request an invite here.