Google Voice updates are inbound, company confirms

Google Voice, the company's seldom mentioned VoIP service, is going to be on the receiving end of some updates soon. News of the updates first arrived via a link some users were seeing when they visited Google Voice. The link and notification encouraged users to click to see the new Google Voice, but the related web page isn't live at this time. Having accidentally revealed its efforts, Google has since confirmed that yes, it is working on some new updates.

If you're a Google Voice user, you may have noticed a small banner at the top of the screen recently reading, "The new Google Voice is here. TRY NOW." The Try Now part of the banner is a link leading to, but if you follow the link, it just presents a 404 page. It seems pretty obvious regardless that Google is up to something, and questions quickly started rolling out.

In a statement to The Verge, a Google spokesperson passed along this corny message:

Sorry, it looks like we must have dialed the wrong number! But don't worry, this wasn't a prank call. We're working on some updates to Google Voice right now. We have you on speed dial and we'll be sure to share what we've been up to just as soon as we can.

The company is remaining quiet about what it is actually up to, though, so it's anyone's guess what features we'll be seeing soon. Any update will be a welcomed one, however, as it has been a long while since Google Voice was given any love, and any news is surely good news at this point.

SOURCE: The Verge