Google voice search heads to iPhone to take on Siri

Apple has agreed with Google that their Google Now voice search engine will be allowed on the iPhone in the very near future. This announcement comes this week as Google also revamps the rest of their search abilities with a new initiative for "one million users" to join in and allow the company to integrate their Gmail search results with their regular worldwide search results – this doesn't mean your Gmail account it out for everyone to see, but does mean that you'll soon have one integrated system for yourself. As for the mobile version of voice search, Google's working with iPhone will make a huge splash on the Siri-loving fans across the globe soon, and very soon.

This step-up of voice-enabled search will be coming to iOS via the iPhone first for the big A, but will also continue to be developed for Android as well. We had our own hands-on look at Google Now, part of the Google voice search system, back at Google I/O 2012 when it was launched. This system is available on Android devices running version 4.1 Jelly Bean now and will more than likely be coming to the iPhone in its entirety very soon.

At the moment, however, it only appears that the voice recognition element of Google's search engine for the mobile platform will be pushed. The Google Now element, being a rather enticing bit of software for Android users on the horizon, will be staying on Google's Mobile OS for the near future. Below you can see the Google Nexus 7 showing off Google's new voice search abilities courtesy of Android Community.

Google mentioned once again that they're nearing "Star Trek" software for the future, but at the moment they're still taking "baby steps" – this projection of the future coming from Google senior vice president Amit Singhal. Have a peek above at Google Now and prepare yourself for a whole new iPhone experience as the new device appears later this year as well. Google has been booted from the basic build of the iPhone in both maps and YouTube, so we're expecting a full frontal assault from them in the software world for iOS in the coming weeks – Google made, Google updated.

[via Mercury News]