Google Voice Gets Integrated Into Android Call Log

Android and Google Voice both are a little closer today now that Google has issued an update bringing not only more features to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but they also integrated Google Voice right into the missed call log. Now users can see their GV calls, and check their visual voicemails all from one easy place instead of tossing back between the standard call log, and Google Voice.

Since it was first launched in 2009 Google Voice hasn't seen extremely wide adoption, or ever been integrated with Android. Instead it was an additional application users could enjoy. Now with it being added right into the missed call log it is as integrated as ever. Users don't have or need to use Google Voice, but can if they'd like and now can use it with ease.

For now it's only for Ice Cream Sandwich, so older versions of Android can't take advantage of the new integration, but it's possible they'll see it in the future. In the image above you see not only a missed GV call, but the play button to instantly launch and play the visual voicemail from inside the standard call log. This makes things simple, easy, and quick for those that use Google Voice. Not only that but Google also added slow down, and speed up options so users can slow a quick message and write down a phone number being given out, or fast forward to the end if you don't want to hear someone rant in a voicemail.

Details can be found direct from Google at the source link below, or for those using Android 4.0 ICS and Google Voice get the latest version now from the Google Play Store.

[via Google Blog]