Google Voice command will finally fix this annoying issue

Though it's arguably a niche issue, it is frustrating for Google Voice users: an issue that causes texts to be sent using one's regular phone number in certain cases. One of those instances is when using Hangouts as a default SMS app with a Google Voice number as the default SMS number. Many users report that, in this case, sending a text results in Hangouts sending the text with the user's regular phone number instead of Google Voice.

That's a problem in multiple ways: for some, it reveals their primary phone number to someone they may not want to have that number; for others, it may result in confusion when someone doesn't recognize the number. Regardless, it is a frustrating problem that has persisted for a while with no signs of a fix in sight.

That may be changing in the future, though, at least based on a tweet recently made by Google Voice product manager Jan Jedrzejowicz. In response to a tweet asking when the aforementioned bug would be fixed, Jedrzejowicz said, "'OK Google, send a Google Voice message' coming soon to GV, this will help.'"

No information about when this feature will be introduced was revealed, and so there's no guessing whether there's still a long wait before the update arrives. Presumably the feature will work with Android Auto, given that it is one of the more important instances in which someone would want to send a text via voice commands — that wasn't confirmed either, though.