Google Voice adds iPad and iPod touch support

Google has released a new version of Google Voice for iOS that now supports the iPad and iPod touch. Following on from the official Google Voice for iPhone launched last month, the updated version allows the Apple tablet and PMP to send and receive free text messages; although they obviously can't make cellular calls, Google has added Click2Call functionality which lets users trigger a new Google Voice call and choose which of their phones they want to use to make it.

Meanwhile there are also various tweaks and changes made to all versions of the app. These include intelligent shut-off of text forwarding when Push Notifications are active, so that users don't get duplicate alerts, a universal do-not-disturb option which sends all callers straight to voicemail, and a dedicated Contacts button in the dialler tab.

Text messages have also been streamlined, and you can tap and hold messages in the inbox to either archive or delete them. As long as you have an iOS 3.1 or above device you can download Google Voice for iOS here [iTunes link]; you'll obviously need a Google Voice account too, which are only available in the US.