Google TV With Android Market Getting Close, SDK Add-On Preview Available Now

Google has finally released a preview of its Google TV add-on for the Android SDK. The company first announced plans to transition Google TV to using Android Honeycomb and to support the Android Market back at Google I/O. It was set for a summer release and now it looks like we're getting close.

With the Google TV add-on preview ready, it means that developers will soon be able to start developing apps specifically for Google TV as well as optimizing existing apps for the platform. In fact, some existing Android apps may already work as is on Google TV.

The add-on in the SDK will allow developers to test whether their apps need to be optimized or if there are aspects that need to be fixed. However, apps that require certain features that Google TV cannot support will not appear in the Android Market on Google TV. For instance, apps that require a touchscreen will not appear.

[via Google TV Blog]