Google TV adding Siri-like voice controls

Google may be taking a page from Apple's Siri voice-controlled assistant feature for its future Google TVs. A patent application newly unearthed by Patently Apple reveals that Google is developing a Siri-like interface for Google TV that will introduce a variety of capabilities involving voice commands remotely sent to Google TVs via Android devices.

Users would be able to speak commands to their Android smartphones or tablets via an app that would then control their Google TVs. Through these Siri-like voice commands, users can browse and search for content, change channels, and ask when a certain show will air on Google TV.

Since the system relies on Google's cloud infrastructure, commands can be sent even while the user is outside of their house, unlike with traditional remotes. For instance, you can turn on your TV and set it to the right channel as you're on your way home. Or, you can have the TV turn on automatically once it detects via GPS data that you're a 1/4 mile to your house. Other features include the ability to use voice commands to stream music to Google TV or to set up playlists.

The patent application was filed on September 29, 2011, just ahead of Apple's official unveiling of Siri and and the iCloud.

[via Patently Apple]