Google Translate now supports ten more languages

The only way that most of us get to read content in other languages is by using an online translator service. There are a few of these services and one of the most widely used is Google Translate. Google Translate will automatically translate a wide range of languages already. Google has now added ten more languages to those supported.

The new languages include Chichewa, Malagasy, Sesotho, Malayalam, Myanmar, Sinhala, Sudanese, Kazakh, Tajik, and Uzbek. These ten new languages go into the pot with the 80 languages that Google translate already supports.

The new languages may be some that most of us have never heard of, but Google says that the addition of these ten languages brings support for Google Translate to 200 million additional people. Those hundreds of millions of users can now translate text to and from their native language.

Google also gives a lot of the credit for launching the new language support to participation from the Translate Community saying it would not have been able to launch the languages today without their help. The new languages cover native speakers in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia.

SOURCE: Google Translate