Google Translate for iOS 7 gets more languages and new features

Shane McGlaun - Sep 20, 2013, 5:50am CDT
Google Translate for iOS 7 gets more languages and new features

This has been a busy week for Google, the search giant released an updated version of Chrome for iOS 7 earlier this week. Google has now announced that it has also updated Google Translate for iOS 7 users adding support for more languages and some interesting new features. The updates have been applied to the Google Translate app for iOS 7 devices.

The update brings a new look to the application, handwriting support, and support for over 70 languages. The application allows users to enter text to be translated into any available language via the on-screen keyboard. The text you put in is translated automatically and once translated the app will also speak the translation back to you in whatever language you chose.

The app also supports conversations by allowing users to tap the microphone and then speak naturally. The app can translate your language into the language of the person you’re speaking to quickly, supporting something similar to real-time conversation.

The application also has a new Handwrite feature that can be accessed by typing the icon that looks like a snake to the right of the microphone icon. The app recognizes handwriting in nearly 50 different languages. The embedded application is available for download on devices running iOS 7 right now.

SOURCE: Google

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