Google tests a new way to chat with businesses

Modern day businesses are evolving. A few years ago shopkeepers started realizing the importance of social media, but now that isn't enough. Google is giving businesses new ways to keep in contact with their customers. Google is testing a feature that allows customers to use a chat with business owners in real time through Google Hangouts. It's a great idea for today's customers who not only want instant access to store information, but they want it without having to pick up the phone and make a call.

Now you instead of having to call a restaurant just to see if they can take a reservation, you could just text them. It saves time and is less intrusive while you're on the go.

Google's business chat platform isn't a new idea. There are existing services like Path Talk which is a direct messaging system for local businesses and their customers. Twitter user Matt Gibstein first reported this on twitter, and shared his screenshot of Google's business chat model.

Google is only testing this feature, so right now it looks like it's only showing up on search results for select businesses in a small test market. It could be a useful feature, especially if the chat function is embedded in a business's Google search results. This could become the new normal for businesses, as owners are looking for a way to answer their customer's needs instantly.

Source: Tech Crunch