Google teases next Nest smart speaker's odd design

First, they were rectangular boxes. Then they became canisters or pucks. Over the years, wireless speakers have changed their form and now Google seems to be considering yet another revolution in speaker design. Practically confirming an earlier leak, Google has apparently been sending out more or less official marketing material for what may be the successor of the Google Home sporting what can probably be best described as a pillow design.

Of course, it's not something you'd lay your head on given how solid it would be, despite the tempting soft fabric cover that has become iconic of Google's Nest-branded smart speakers and smart displays. Unlike the Home Mini, now Nest Mini, it seems that the entire surface of the speaker. Well, except for the bottom so that it could stand tall on a flat surface.

And tall it would be, almost like some Wi-Fi routers. You can also lay it flat on its back, and presumably, you'd be able to easily tell which is the back or the front at a glance. The last thing you'd need is to put it face-down and not see the indicator lights.

There are no obvious controls for this speaker, believed to have been codenamed "Prince" after the late icon. Then again, neither did the Nest Mini so you can bet there are some hidden touch-sensitive areas for manual control. Everything else, you'll have to use your voice, of course.

It's definitely interesting to see Google put a rather unusual design on its next smart speaker, something it might need to stand out in an already congested market. Whether it will sound just as great, however, remains to be heard, though the larger space would make you expect it would be better than the old Google Home. As for the launch date, that's still up in the air but if Google is teasing it already, it could very well be close.