Google suffers another marketshare drop while Apple rises, says comScore

ComScore has released data on the US smartphone market gathered over a three month span that went to the end of February of this year, and it shows Apple and Google on the top of the their respective scales. Apple is leading the way in smartphone OEMs, beating out Samsung by over 15-percent, while Google comes in with the top platform, althoug its numbers have dropped a bit over last year once again, marking a downward trend.

According to the report, 133.7 million individuals in the United States own smartphones, a rise of 8-percent since November. Among them, Apple holds 38.9-percent, a slight increase over 2012's 35-percent. Samsung came in second at 21.3-percent, rising a hair over 2012's 20.3-percent. And HTC comes in third at 9.3-percent, suffering a 1.7-percent drop, followed relatively closely by Motorola and LG.

As far as smartphone platforms go, Google is still at the top, but suffered a 2-point drop from 53.7-percent to 51.7-percent, marking the second month straight where Google has taken a hit. This was contrasted by Apple, which still sits at #2 with a 3.9-point increase from 35-percent to 38.9-percent. Third on the list is BlackBerry, which also suffered a drop from 7.3-percent to a paltry 5.4-percent. The list is rounded out by Microsoft at 3.2-percent (a 0.2-point increase) and Symbian, which held steady at 0.5-percent.

HTC and Samsung are all but guaranteed to see number jumps the next time around given the soon-to-be-released HTC first, which will offer Facebook Home, as well as Samsung's much-anticipated GALAXY S 4 flagship. And while things are looking good for Apple and Samsung, Google has once again edged closer to dropping below the 50-percent mark.

[via ComScore]