Google Street View Trekker backpack updated with lighter, smaller design

Google has introduced an updated Trekker system used by its partners to capture locations around the world. The updated device is lighter in weight than the previous version, also featuring a "sleeker" design, higher resolution sensors, and more. The new version is partly based on feedback from people who have used the system, according to Google, which offers access to Trekker through its trekker loan program.

Google provides the public with access to ground-level imagery on places around the globe, including landmarks, museums, and more. Recording these non-road destinations requires someone to walk through them while wearing a backpack Google calls the Trekker.

Trekker is equipped with the hardware necessary to capture the surrounding environment, and it has been in use for years. During this time, Google says it has received feedback from people who have used the system and now it's back with an update that brings a number of improvements.

The updated Trekker backpack has higher resolution sensors and an increased aperture while being lighter and therefore easier to carry. The device has also been redesigned with what Google calls a "sleeker" appearance. As with the previous Trekker units, the new model still supports mounting for use on things like cars and boats.

Google offers anyone the opportunity to get a Trekker backpack through its related loan program. Interested users need to submit an application that includes details about their planned use of the Trekker. Not all applicants will be granted a loaned backpack.