Google Street View Maps The World's Largest Model Railway

Google has a come a long way since they started rolling out their Street Vew cars years ago. They started out with major highways and busy streets. Eventually they started documenting some of the paths less traveled, utilizing camels, snowmobiles, and other means of transportation to capture the most accurate views of the paths we take. But for their latest endeavor, they had to think smaller. Much smaller.

The latest area to be mapped by Google may have a population of more than 200,000 citizens, but it's not nearly as big as you might think. If you've never heard of Hamburg's famous Miniatur Wunderland, it's truly a sight to behold. And now thanks to Google, you can see it in all its glory, without every leaving your house.

With over 13,000 kilometers of track, there was really only one way to capture every inch of it. With tiny Google Street View cars. In addition to the tiny Street View cars, cameras were mounted to trains and other vehicles to get that same experience you'd find in other, larger cities.

You can explore any of the many themed areas of the Miniatur Wunderland by heading to this special landing page. Unfortunately it's hard to locate this place on the full Google Maps, as it really is quite small.