Google+ Stories to auto-awesome your photos into galleries

If you're not the sort of person that likes to curate massive sets of photos, yet you are the sort of person to take massive sets of photos, Google may have your solution. Introduced in time for the Summer vacation season, right as it gets warm across the United States, Google+ Stories is appearing for the first time.

Working with Google+ and – perhaps most importantly – working entirely for free – this technology allows you to make a gallery automatically. Instead of spewing every single photo you've taken over your week-long vacation, here Google's super-smart selection technology seeks out the best photos you've taken, creating a sort of virtual photo album.

This album is separated by day, has plenty of room for editing, and can be shared with the public – or just the people you want to see it.

Users aiming to take part on Google+ Stories have only to upload their photos to Google+ in the first place. Once uploads are done, the web browser version of Google+ will (eventually) notify you of a Google+ Story having been created.

Several examples: Tom de Dorlodot, Anil Sabharwal, DJ Steve Aoki.

This week also has Auto Awesome Movies (or Google+ Movies, if you prefer) in full swing. Movies will be appearing in the Google+ app and online for iOS, Android, and web browsers, while Google+ Stories will hit Android and web browsers first – starting this week!