Google Store now lets you choose Nest 3rd-party installation services

The excitement over the prospect of upgrading your home into a smart home can easily be doused by the thought of having to install those IoT devices yourself. Sure, you can get away with some smart bulbs and smart plugs but the real magic happens when you add smart thermostats, smart security cameras, and smart locks to your house. If electrical jobs are not your forte, Google is now offering the help of third-party pro services to do that for you. Presuming, of course, you're going all-in on the Nest platform.

Nest, which is now owned by Google, once offered such installation services but the option silently vanished when Google took over the retail part of the business. That forced buyers to do it themselves or hire companies like OnTech and Handy after buying the products. Those are the very same services that will install Nest smart home products for you but now you can pay for their assistance right when you buy the products.

When checking out your selected Nest products, you will be able to add the option to get that product or products installed by a pro. After you've made the purchase, you'll then be able to schedule your home visit. Google assures that it and its partners are taking the necessary measures to ensure a safe experience despite the current COVID-19 situation.

The price for a third-party pro installation starts at $99, though the Nest Secure Alarm System immediately jumps to $119. That price is only for one item and you will have to pay an additional $59 for each extra.

The offer covers almost the full range of Google's Nest-branded smart home products, from the good old Thermostats to the Nest x Yale Lock to the Nest Cam Outdoor. Of course, Nest smart speakers and smart displays are not part of that list but it's definitely odd that the Nest WiFi is, given how it doesn't exactly require a physical installation.