Google Stadia canceled Founder's Edition pre-orders now allowed to reorder

Google has had a rough time during the launch of its Stadia game streaming service but, to its credit, it is also trying to do good by those that got the shorter end of the stick through no fault of their own. It is, for example, allowing Stadia Pro subscribers to refund their purchase of two games that will become free next month anyway. Now it is also giving canceled pre-orders a chance to reorder the Founders pack and try their luck a second time around.

It wasn't just the launch that was rough for some early believers. Stadia pre-orders were also rocked by some cancellations not initiated by buyers of the Founders Edition packs. Most of these were due to payment problems that automatically canceled the pre-order due to the failure to complete the process. Unfortunately, at that time Google didn't offer affected people a chance to re-order the pack.

Now that all valid orders have shipped, Google is giving these a second stab, that is if they have stuck around. Emails are being sent out to those who had their orders canceled with a link to a special page just for that very purpose. And, fortunately, they will be able to get the exact same thing they would have if things went smoothly in the first place.

In other words, they will be getting the same Founder's Edition Bundle and all the perks that come with it. In addition to the Pro subscription and Stadia Controller, the bundle also includes the 3-month free Buddy Pass that has just recently started going out to Founders as well. They also get to choose their username before everyone else, which means theirs won't have a number affixed to it. Unless it's already taken by now.

Reorders, however, have to be placed before December 16 otherwise they will probably be forced to settle for a Premiere Edition instead. They might still be on the fence considering the outlook for Stadia at the moment but, as a streaming service, it has the potential to improve over time. Hopefully before the initial three-month period is over.