Google spends more on lobbying than ever

Shane McGlaun - Oct 22, 2010
Google spends more on lobbying than ever

Everyone is familiar with Google the search giant that is into so much more than search alone today. The company is huge in the online advertising market and has projects underway that have nothing to do with its core search offerings.

Google spends lots of money trying to shape government policy in Washington to suit its needs and at times the needs of Google also dovetail with the needs and wants of the average web user like you and I. The latest financial data (PDF) from Google shows that the web giant has increased its spending on lobbying in Washington for Q3.

According to the numbers, Google spent $1.2 million in Q3 on lobbying efforts in efforts to shape federal policy. In the same quarter of 2009 Google spent $1.08 million on lobbying efforts. So far this year Google has spent $3.92 million on lobbying compared to $4.03 million total in 2009. Google’s lobbying efforts are centered on patent reform, privacy and competition issues, online consumer protection, renewable energy and more.

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