Google speeds up mobile search for places

You might have noticed that searching on-the-go for local restaurants and businesses just got a whole lot quicker over the weekend. That's because Google updated its mobile search to offer a more streamlined approach to delivering all the information you're looking for on a place in one page with one click.

With the latest tweak to mobile search, Google displays all the basic information on a place in one quick to view summary page. Say you're looking for restaurants in a particular city, the search results will still show you a map with all the nearby spots listed. But when you click on a place, Google will take you to another page for that place that has its hours of operation, street address, web address, contact information, menu, highlights, and reviews.

And if the first result isn't appealing, you don't have to go back to the results page to pick another restaurant to check out, you can simply swipe between summary pages for each restaurant.

The new feature works for all businesses, but does seem especially made for searching for restaurants, which probably is one of the most common place searches. The feature has already rolled out to Android and iOS devices worldwide.

[via Google Inside Search]