Google Spaces released as teamwork app for Android, iOS, and desktop

Today Google has released a brand new teamwork app and ecosystem by the name of "Spaces." Users of Google's accounts – signed up with a Gmail account, that is – will be able to take part in Google's new Spaces app. This app has the ability to create rooms or "spaces" on topics. You'll create a space based on a topic then invite users via messaging, email, social network, or "whatever way you like." We can imagine this will be used in ways both intended and beyond what Google intended in short order.

Inside a space, users are able to share all manner of media. That includes articles, videos, comments, images, and more. Inside a space, users are able to search for key words and find items posted inside the space in the past. Each bit of media posted with Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome, will be able to be viewed without leaving the app – each app is "built in."

"We wanted to build a better group sharing experience, so we made a new app called Spaces that lets people get people together instantly to share around any topic." – Luke Wroblewski, Product Director, Google

Google suggests that developers aiming to attend Google I/O 2016 should download Spaces straight away as they'll be creating a "space" for each session. Developers – and whoever else happens to be at these sessions – will be able to connect with Googlers at sessions at Google I/O, creating person-to-person connections around topics. Google also suggests that they've "got a few surprises too."

In other words, if you're going to be at Google I/O or plan on watching from home, you'd be smart to download the app immediately. Or as soon as you're able.

This app – and ecosystem – will be available immediately if not soon. Google will be releasing Spaces through their Spaces portal and through the app stores you normally pick up apps – Google Play and the Apple mobile app store.