Google Shows Off Trippy WebGL Project

The major focus of today's Google I/O keynote was obviously Chrome along with the official pricing and dates of the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks. But that didn't stop Google from a small tangent into the future possibilities of javascript, HTML 5, and WebGL.

Google Creative Lab has been working on various experiments and projects over the years to demonstrate the native browser graphics possibilities, and at today's keynote they demonstrated one that incorporated music, video, 3D graphics, live rendering, and real-time painting with shader effects. Not to mention, it was all interactive as well, with users being able to contribute to the 3D world by constructing new models within the browser.

At one point in the demo, some sample pre-built 3D models were shown, including a buffalo morphing into a tarantula. Trippy? Yes, but all this is to show the amazing possibilities the improvements in Javascript, HTML 5, and WebGL have in store for us in the future. For more on this multimedia 3D browser graphics project you can visit

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javascript HTML5 and webGL

composited music, video, real-time shaders