Google Shared Spaces Sneaks Out, Showcases Wave Technology

While announcing a product with a huge event is one way to go about things, sometimes you just want to release something in a small fashion. Quietly. That's exactly what Google Labs has done with Google Shared Spaces. It's open right now in a very non-public fashion, and it's meant to showcase the technology that powered Wave, but in a far more creative way.

The Spaces are built around "gadgets," of which there are currently 50 to choose from. These Spaces will then be able to be shared through pretty much any means you can think of, thanks to a simple link. Whether that's from a tweet, an email, or a status on some other social networking, it will be easy for people to invite others to come and enjoy, and interact, with their Space. And, if you know JavaScript, you will be able to make your own gadgets, which people can then interact with.

And while Google Wave may have not survived, it's good to see that the technology, which promotes real-time collaboration, is still around. If Google Shared Spaces can take off, that could probably be considered a notch in the "win" column for Google, even if it took a bit longer to achieve. As for a date regarding a public opening, Google didn't say. So it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer before we can all experience what Shared Spaces has to offer.

[via Mashable]