Google Self-driving car heads to Austin

The self-driving car is a bit of tech that is coming no matter how you feel about cars with the ability to drive themselves around the streets of the country. Google has been testing its self-driving cars in California for a long time now and it is now heading to Texas for testing. Google cars come in different forms with most being normal cars we might see anyone driving that are festooned with sensors and gear to allow them to operate with no human interaction.

Then there are some of the Google self-driving cars that look like the head of a robot that has fallen off and started driving around dubbed pod cars by many cruising in California. Google has announced that it is taking its self-driving car tech out of the state of California and heading to the south.

Austin, Texas is the latest city to get a Google self-driving car cruising the streets. Google says that one of its Lexus SUVs is in Austin right now cruising a "few square miles north and northeast of downtown." Google says of the move to bring the car to Austin that it is important for it to get experience in testing its software in different driving conditions and environments.

Testing with different traffic patterns and road conditions is necessary when designing the software to keep the vehicle safe when the cars are free to drive with no humans inside. The self-driving car will certainly be exposed to some heat; Texas is already seeing 100-degree days with enough humidity to make a robot car sweat.

SOURCE: Google