Google seeking manager for Games at Google division

Shane McGlaun - Apr 27, 2011
Google seeking manager for Games at Google division

I will admit in the days before smartphones that I thought mobile gaming wasn’t that great. Before my iPhone I used a Razer and you could hardly play games on the device and the ones that were offered were boring and had graphics that reminded me of an 80’s Atari and not in a good way. The iPhone launched and showed us all that gaming on a smartphone could be very fun and then Android came along and gamers found another OS that was good for gaming in later builds.

Google is apparently set to make a bigger push into the mobile gaming market with the search for a new product manager for a Games at Google business unit. The full duties and details for the job are unknown, but IntoMobile has a few things that give a hint at what the position will entail. The new hire will be tasked with designing the strategies for game distribution and discovery, player identity, game mechanics, and more.

That almost sounds like the manager will be working to help develop games internally at Google. I wonder if this will see first party titles. I would also bet the manager would be working with existing devs too. IntoMobile thinks that the manager will also be responsible for making sure Android games work for Chrome.

[via Android Community]

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