Google seeking art to put on its self-driving cars

Do you live in California and have artistic inclinations? If so, Google has an exciting opportunity for you. Later this year its self-driving cars will be zipping around Mountain View, California adorned with artwork selected from among submissions sent in by the population at large. It is kind of like Google Doodles, only the "doodles" will be on the side of the self-driving cars for a month or longer, depending on how Google feels about it. The Internet giant will accept submissions soon.

Unfortunately, the submissions are only being accepted from those who live in California. The artwork also must be centered around the theme "My community, my neighbors", and those who submit their work must be 13 years or older. The submissions will open on July 11 of this year, and run until August 30.

Google will choose up to 10 pieces of artwork, which will be featured on its self-driving cars, as well as on its website and at the Open Garage event later this fall. The artists who win will also be given a ride in one of the self-driving cars.

Why is it limited to Californians? No one knows. Maybe to cut down on the number of submissions it will receive for a relatively few number of cars, or just as a way to placate those on California roads who might not have totally amicable feelings toward the fun little car.

SOURCE: Google