Google Search shortcuts save your fingers from typing

Today's generation has it easy. Almost any piece of information is just a few keystrokes away, thanks to the power of the Internet as well as the overarching, and sometimes terrifying, reach of Google. Keeping up to date with the latest news and trends couldn't be easier, too. But if typing the same queries again and again is too much work, Google is making that easy as well. The latest version of Google Search, both apps and mobile web, will give your fingers a break, making all the searches and news you need available with a single shortcut and a single tap.

Unless you have subscribed to a news reader, keeping tabs on multiple sources and websites can be too much work. Most just simply type in a search term or topic and wait for the results to flow in. But if you're the type to obsessively check scores, weather, or news multiple types a day, all that typing is just an inefficient use of your type and energy.

Enter Google Search shortcuts, putting all the information you want behind a single tap. You no longer have to type in "Sports" or "Gas stations nearby". Google has done that for you and has even provided a nice little icon for you to use. Android users have it easier too, because there are also shortcuts that link to apps and tools and not just searches.

The laziness doesn't end there. Search results can help users go deeper into the specifics, like team scores, recommended dining places, or movies showing in cinemas near you. And if the Sports shortcut isn't showing your favorite team's scores, or, worse, shows your team's rivals instead, you can also customize the results to your taste.

The new Search shortcuts will appear under the search bar, provided you have an up-to-date Google Search app. Shortcuts are available in the Android and iOS apps, as well as on in mobile web browsers.

SOURCE: Google