Google Search makes it easier to find and buy clothes on mobile

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 16, 2020, 5:00pm CST
Google Search makes it easier to find and buy clothes on mobile

Google is making it easier to shop for clothes and similar items directly through its Search app on mobile devices. The company introduced the new capability this week, explaining that it makes it possible to browse through shoes, accessories, and clothing from different brands, see which stores sell the items, how much the products cost, and more.

The ability to find clothing items through Google Search is nothing new. This change brings all of these items into the same space, however, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for and similar products, narrow them down based on filters like gender and color, then view which companies are selling them, how much they cost, reviews from past customers, and more.

Google says that users can start searching for these items by simply entering whatever it is they’re looking for, such as ‘summer shoes’ or ‘men’s jackets.’ From there, the most popular products will be displayed alongside each other in the same new section. Users can then tap different filtering options to narrow down what they’re looking for, selecting for things like style, size, and such.

Users can also tap the products to view multiple images of them, retrieve reviews by scrolling down on the product’s result page, and also view the sellers offering this product alongside their price tags. Tapping on a listed store will take the user through to the company’s website where they can directly order the product.

More than one million online retailers are included in the search results, according to Google, which says that it updates the results data on a regular basis. Retailers can participate in the search results for free, assuming they offer eligible products. Users will see this new product section in Search on mobile devices.

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