Google Search: LeBron to the Cavs is what fans wanted

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014
Google Search: LeBron to the Cavs is what fans wanted

After “The Decision”, in which LeBron James publicly broke up with the city of Cleveland and spurned Ohio altogether, he’s making it right with his home state. James has decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and will sign a max deal that will likely see him retire at “home”. Clever analysis shows where James was desired most, and guess what? It wasn’t Florida.

The state of Ohio searched for LeBron more than any other state, including the one James currently plays in — Florida. Ohioans performed searches for the greatest player on earth 100 times for every 91 searches performed in Florida. Mississippi was third in the LeBron search stats, leading Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Seventh on the list was New York, where James was rumored to be looking at playing (even though it was a long shot, at best).

While Ohio may have won the search sweepstakes, Miami actually topped Cleveland. For every 100 searches in Miami, there were 89 searches performed in Cleveland — a near flip-flop (make your own LeBron flip-flop jokes here). Youngstown, where LeBron played his high school ball and set the world on notice, was third on the list of cities searching for LeBron.

Through all the jersey burning and vitriol James endured when he left Cleveland in 2010, the metrics show James was probably never really hated. It also shows that sometimes you really can go home again. Enjoy your return to the playoffs, Cleveland.

Via: Business Insider

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