Google Search adds Baby Yoda 3D model with AR experience

You can now invite Grogu ("Baby Yoda") into your home using Google's 3D model and augmented reality experience. As of now, searching for the terms Baby Yoda, Grogu, and The Child on Google Search will pull up a 3D model of the tiny, adorable alien — and you can view it in your own room using your smartphone.

Google Search on mobile is home to a variety of fun 3D models of things ranging from dinosaurs to cats. The latest addition is Grogu, more commonly called Baby Yoda, from Disney's The Mandalorian TV show. Searching any of the three aforementioned terms pulls up an info panel about the character.

In addition to pictures and a brief description, the info panel includes a 3D model of the small alien. Tap on that model and it'll pull up an interactive version that you can rotate with your fingers. The model includes voice sound effects, as well as an AR mode.

By tapping the option to view Grogu in your environment, you can give the Google app access to your device's camera. Point the camera at the floor (or other surfaces) in your room and the 3D model will appear on it, animations and sound effects included.

The tool provides a neat way to view Baby Yoda in all his glory and is a fun way to entertain kids who may be surprised to see the alien on their bedroom floor. When you're bored of Grogu, try searching for things like 'cat,' 'dog,' and 'dinosaur' for similar AR experiences.