Google Search activity cards continue your past searches

Google remembers everything, especially if you're logged into your Google account. But while it conveniently keeps track of your searches, it does so in a very "flat" way, simply a list of past queries. Sometimes, however, you may want to continue searching for a topic without having to start from scratch all over again or wasting time on sites and queries you've already seen. That's where Search's new activity cards come in, letting you quickly go back to the past and take off from there.

Many people use Google Search for one-off things, like weather queries or trivia about famous personalities. More people, however, probably use Search in research or topical searches that may take more than one sitting to finish. Wouldn't it be grand if you could pick up where you left off, at least on certain topics?

That's exactly what the activity cards on Search on mobile or app do. Once you enter the same search query again, you will be presented with a card that shows the things you've searched for, the links you visited from that Google search, and other searches you've made from it. What's more, you can also add those searches to your collections so you can visit them manually later on without having to go through the whole process all over again.

Activity cards are available only on Google Search on mobile web and the Google app. Unfortunately, it is also only available in English and in the US. No word on when it will expand to other markets, much less other languages, or if it will be available on desktop web as well.