Google Scan and Match feature chops explicit lyrics

If you are a fan of music that is old enough to listen to naughty words without a parent's permission, you likely want to hear your music as the artist recorded it, explicit lyrics or not. A few days back we talked about the Google Play Music getting better audio quality to 320-Kbps. The music uploaded can be accessed using the Google Music app.

One of the more interesting features of the service was the Scan and Match feature. That feature tags music that you're uploading and instead of uploading the entire audio file and makes the tracks available from the Google Music catalog saving you upload time. The catch is that reports indicate if you're uploading a song with explicit lyrics, Google Music swaps that for a clean version.

Many artists release clean versions of their albums for people who don't care to hear explicit lyrics or so kids can listen to music without parents worrying about the F-bomb and other naughty words. However, if you purchase the explicit lyrics version of an album or song, you would expect when you upload that version Google would provide the same version of the song.

That isn't the case with many users complaining that when they upload songs with explicit lyrics, the Google match is the clean version. Some users of the service are understandably angry that Google Music appears to be censoring their explicit lyrics and swapping clean versions of their songs. Some users indicate that the "Fix Incorrect Match" button may allow users to get their explicit version of the song back. If you use Google Music and have had explicit version swapped for clean versions, do let us know if that Fix Incorrect Match button get's your original naughty version back.

[via Droid-Life]