Google says Pixel smartwatch won’t be released this year

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 31, 2018, 7:05 pm CDT
Google says Pixel smartwatch won’t be released this year

Recent rumors have alleged that Google is working on a Pixel smartwatch that will be released in 2018. The company has dismissed those reports, stating that it won’t be releasing its own smartwatch this year; instead, Google will work with smartwatch makers and on Wear OS improvements. However, the idea of a Pixel Watch wasn’t entirely ruled out.

Rumors about a Pixel-branded smartwatch — often referred to as the Pixel Watch — have circulated for months, some reports having speculated that we’d hear something official about it during this week’s IFA event. That didn’t happen, of course, and instead Google confirmed to Tom’s Guide that it won’t be releasing its own smartwatch this year.

The information was provided earlier today during an interview with the publication, during which time Google’s Wear OS engineering director Miles Barr confirmed we won’t see a Pixel Watch arrive in 2018. Instead, Google will focus on making Wear OS better and helping smartwatch makers produce their own models.

A Google representative likewise confirmed the news that a Pixel Watch won’t be arriving this year to Tom’s Guide. Nothing about the confirmation rules out a potential Pixel-branded smartwatch in the future, however — it just definitely won’t be happening at any point within 2018.

Google doesn’t plan on releasing its own smartwatch at this time due to the varied requirements and demands of different consumers. It’s not possible, at least not in the present, to create a single smartwatch that can meet the needs of all buyers. Instead, one particular model may be best suited for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, while a different model may be ideal from a fashion or productivity standpoint.

Assuming Google does create its own smartwatch in the future, Barr suggested that it would prominently utilize Google Assistant.

SOURCE: Tom’s Guide

Note: The image above shows the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

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