Google rewarding 'Pokemon Masters' with something secret

One of Google's better April Fools' day surprises this year was a Pokemon game inside of Maps. It was a pretty straightforward hide-and-seek game, done digitally, with Pokemon hiding all over the globe. Now it seems anyone who took the time to catch them all might be in for a cool title and prize from Google!

In discovering you've found all the hidden Pokemon, Google is dubbing you a Pokemon master, and offering to give a free gift. The small gift is said to arrive within 4-6 weeks, leading to speculation as to what it might be. A Pokemon Android? Something from the Google store?

The link takes winners to a Google Docs fill-in form, suggesting there are a lot more Pokemon masters than we anticipated there might be. Google is also verifying the winners via a security question only the Masters would know, so don't think you can get in on this without doing the work!

There is also discussion of some players who didn't find all the Pokemon receiving something, but that's not yet known. We're also not sure if there is an end date for this, so if you want something Google-y, better start hunting!

Via: Android Police