Google releases pictures from Glass Foundry events, shows off pioneers in action

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 15, 2013, 7:13pm CST
Google releases pictures from Glass Foundry events, shows off pioneers in action

Back on January 15, Google announced that it would be holding two Google Glass events for developers who had pre-ordered the device at its I/O conference. The events were held in New York City and San Francisco on January 28/29 and February 1/2. The participants were sworn to secrecy, and so no details have emerged from the events. Google has decided to show off the goods, however, by releasing a variety of pictures, which you can check out after the jump.

The pictures were released on the Google Developers’ Google+ account, along with a bit of information about the Glass Foundry events. Those who attended spent the first day of the event receiving an introduction to Glass and getting a device to use. Following this, the attendees were then presented with the Mirror API, after which point they went on to working on their developments.

Says Google, the developers were split into teams, which then went on to create more than 80 uses for Glass. On the second day, the developers had an opportunity to demonstrate their creations to a panel of special judges. Those who participated received a glass piece titled “pioneer,” signifying their involvement in the pioneering of the technology.

Of the teams that demonstrated their creations, eight were awarded the grand prize, with Google funding the cost of their Glass Explorer Edition. Says Google, it hopes to host more Glass Foundry events in the future, although it hasn’t committed to anything. Check out the gallery below to get a peek at the pioneers hard at work.

[via Google Developers]

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