Google releases its first commercial for Nexus 7 tablet

Google is doing very well with its new tablet called the Nexus 7. The tablet quickly became very difficult to find in retail locations and for a while only the 8 GB model was available at the Google Play store. The 16 GB version of the tablet has been completely sold out. The tablets were selling on eBay for over retail price.

Yesterday we mentioned that Google had stopped taking orders on the 16 GB Nexus 7 tablet due to overwhelming demand. The 8 GB version was still available as of yesterday. Despite overwhelming demand, Google has released its first Nexus 7 commercial. The ad is on YouTube and is called Nexus 7: Camping.

The ad shows a dad and his young son seemingly camping in the great outdoors. The campers are using the Nexus 7 tablet to identify a frog they capture, search for the location using Google Maps, to play games, and watch movies. At one point they even use the tablet has a flashlight, which I think we've all done with smartphones and tablets before.

[via TheNextWeb]