Google releases demo of LastPass/1Password competitor

Built in to Chrome in the newest experimental build you'll find a password generator that may make the creators of 1Password and LastPass sit on the edges of their seats. While we must assume that those services will be far ahead of Google's effort at the start, outpacing the competition is nothing Google is a stranger to.

Users of Chrome Canary will have access to this system by enabling two flags. Only enable these flags if you know what you're doing – we take no responsibility for you blowing your Chromebook or Chrome-running machine of any kind to kingdom come.




Inside Chrome once you've enabled said flags, you'll find a new overlay activated. There Google will bring you a system that Google employee and Chrome evangelist François Beaufort points toward in one of his most recent updates on Google+.

Diving in to the files shows a description which reads as follows: "C library that provides an implementation of FIPS 181 Automated Password Generator (APG)." Good times!

NOTE: If you don't know what Chrome Canary is, you might want to avoid attempting to run this system. If you already have Chrome Canary installed, you're probably better prepared than your non-Canary associates.