Google+ released for iPad, we go hands-on

Today Google has been so kind as bump up their official Google+ app for iPhone (and iPad) that'll allow people around the world to explore the social network with great ease. This version of Google+ is made for iPhone, but is perfectly suited for the iPad's larger display as well. Graphics come through sharp and well-tuned for the most part, with only a few bits and pieces left for a future version to clean up – gray borders around small images, and other such small matters.

This version of Google+ is the first made for iPad AND iPhone and takes on a form not unlike what we saw at Google I/O 2012 when we got our first look at the updated Android mobile version of the environment. We've got circles for icons, large and separated blocks for updates and shares, and even access to Hangouts, too! Have a peek first at the newsfeed as it appears on the iPad – for the iPhone you've got a similar setup, only with one column instead of two.

Then there's the Hangouts situation – you certainly can hang out with your friends using your own front facing (or back facing) camera on your iPhone or iPad, but that's about it. You wont be watching YouTube videos or editing documents from this app in this iteration. It's also rather plain looking if you've got no friends to chat with – awww:

You can share photos to Events, turn on instant upload to instantly upload photos from your iPad or iPhone to Google+ automatically, and check out your Nearby stream to see which contacts of yours are physically near to you – and what they're doing at the moment. You'll be able to check this app out right this minute, if you do so please, in the iTunes App Store. It's there for free, of course, and is up for download starting today.